We want to help you understand and take control over your technology. We don't just fix problems; we explain why they happened and how to avoid them in the future. We don't just supply solutions; we carefully compare available technologies and make educated, customized recommendations. We take pride in teaching as we work so that you can feel comfortable with your technology. This is a unique approach in the computer industry, and our clients love it

We are Authorized Distributor for HP, Simmtronics, Dell, Lenovo, Pinnacle Computer Accessories, Formujet Toner Powder, Canon Ink-Cartridge, Eset, Max Printer Ribbon, Epson Ink-Cartridge.

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ANJALI INFOCOM INDIA has been in business since 1994, building a successful Computer Sales and Service in Gujarat.

Our knowledgeable sales and service personnel understands whatever your needs may be, we can help. With an experience in the computer industry, we know our stuff. We consider ourselves your complete destination computer shop where every customer gets the individual attention they deserve. Call or Stop by the store and see for yourself.

ANJALI INFOCOM INDIA is different from most computer support companies. Find out why we care (and why you should, too)

Technology today is complicated, ever-changing, and rarely comes with instruction. Each day, home and business users are becoming more and more reliant on their devices, data, websites, and networks. Most of us don't understand how our technology works, are never trained on how to use it, and don't have an easy way to get answers.

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